Accidents Happen

Mike Mallow

Mike Mallow

There are a lot of things that can happen by accident.

You could fall down, forget to pay a bill, hurt someone’s feelings. The list of types of accidents are as numerous as stars in the universe;  however, starting a news site is generally not on that list.

It happened though, this past week. While purchasing domain hosting for an unrelated website project I did a regular check of available website names. It’s a thing I do perhaps yearly, and have never had much luck in finding a good name to settle upon.

But there it was – Short, simple, relevant, but most importantly, available.

I’ll say more in a mission statement that I hope to draft soon, but the online news experiment has officially begun.

It’s something that has been on my mind as early as 2002, when I envisioned it as more of a satirical site. The Panhandler was my working title, and it would make light of the current events of the area.

Perhaps that has always been part of my love/hate relationship with news. I’ve just never had the gumption to take it seriously for much of my career. To this day I’ve quipped that newspapers would look much better if they didn’t have all the words on them.

That said, printed news is to be very much taken seriously. They say the pen is mightier than the sword, and this is true. Even greater in the context of this age of advanced weaponry. Swords have become guns, which have become missiles, which have become WMDs; but the stroke of a journalist’s pen carries the same power that it did 200 years ago.

While the means of creation (journalism) is more or less the same, the delivery system is what has advanced, which is why a news website for Pendleton County is vital.

It’s hard not to talk about news and Pendleton County without bringing up my time at The Pendleton Times. I was hired full time in 2003 for the specific purpose of building a website for the newspaper. Shortly before its completion, the plug was pulled on the project.

To this day no functioning website exists. The only thing hosted by the domain name is an image of what the site could look with a “coming soon” starburst near the bottom. According to the image’s meta data, it has been there since October of 2012.

In short, Pendleton County deserves a news website, and I have always been about giving Pendleton County what it deserves. Fortunately, this is something that sits within my capabilities. It’s not exactly an endeavor I wanted to take on my own, but here we are.

And here we go.


Low Water on the South Branch


Warner’s Drive-In to Reopen Sept. 9!


  1. Michelle L. Connor

    You are awesome!

  2. Freda Calhoun

    Love the website!

  3. Rita Hevener

    It is good that you have started this. I wish that the website for the Pendleton Times hadn’t failed. I would have liked to have read back issues of the PT.

  4. Roxanne Kee

    Thank you! It’s a shame that The Pendleton Times never got the website up and running! I think people that can’t be in PendCo and get a paper weekly will love this.

  5. Charles King

    This a much needed site for the citizens of Pendleton County. Not everyone buys the paper which is week old by the time you read. Instant news is how we can have citizens help when need arises or getting the word out about an event or just good old happening in the town and county. I see your vision becoming an reality

  6. Renee Hedrick

    I’m so excited!!!

  7. Lisa Bennett

    Congratulations on acheiving your dream and prayers for your long time success. I look forward to seeing such news items that the Pendleton Times won’t post or report on. It is something that I think we all will enjoy. Thank you for thinking of your fellow Pendletonians..

  8. Kenneth H Dice

    Pendleton County my birth place ,what better place than Home. I still visit my old Home Place where I still own.I still remember my young life as a Farm Boy.,and will always cherish all those memories of years gone by.I am proud to call Pendleton County my Home.

  9. Diana gibson

    Way to go mike! having worked with you when you drugged me thru learning at Gene’s photography I can testify to your dry humor and observations!!! You have a love of writing and I’ll be thrilled to hear the news from Franklin.

  10. Rhonda Nash

    Great job, Mike…thanks so much!

  11. deb mook

    Excellent! Now I get to find out more about the area where my daughter and granddaughter live.

  12. Betty Rader

    Hi Mike: Glad to see you have started this website. I am just curious as to the type of articles/news/info that you are interested in publishing. Will you have a comment section so we can add our two cents worth? Anyway, I am happy to see it and wish you much success. Thanks.

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