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Wildcats Playing for Region II Section 2 Championship Friday

Trey Cooper makes a quick layup after a steal during the Class A Region II Section 2 Semifinal match against Moorefield.

The Wildcats’ Boys Basketball team ended Moorefield’s season Wednesday night, defeating the Yellow Jackets 65-47 in the Class A Region II Section 2 Semifinal match.

It was a close game near the end of the second quarter, with Pendleton County pulling ahead for a 27-22 lead at halftime.

The ‘Cats blew the game wide open in the second half, pulling getting a 10-point lead early in the third quarter and never looking back.

The Wildcats will venture deeper into the postseason with a crack at the Class A Region II Section 2 Championship this Friday. Pendleton County will face off against Tucker County, who defeated East Hardy 81-52 on Wednesday night. The game will be played in Keyser this Friday at 7 p.m.

Wildcats Move on to State Football Semifinals

It’s beginning to look a lot like 1998.

For the second week in a row, the Pendleton County Wildcats pulled off an upset in the State Football Playoffs, upending Tolsia 46-16.

The 4.5 hour trip to Fort Gay (which has an unfortunate claim to fame) didn’t lag the Wildcats at all. They took a 12-0 lead by halftime and never looked back, outflanking the slower Tolsia run game.

This is only the second time in Pendleton County High School history that the Wildcats have made it to the football semifinals – the first being the team’s inaugural season in the fall of 1998.

In fact, the 1998 comparisons ring eerie when considering that, to get to the semifinals then, the Wildcats beat Cameron and a southwestern West Virginia team (though in reverse order).

In the 1998 season, the Wildcats traveled to Poca (now a Class AA team) and scored only a field goal to beat them, 3-0. Pendleton County then moved on to Cameron, where some 4th quarter determination pulled out a 25-24 victory.

Where did Pendleton County go from there? To a familiar regular season rival in neighboring Hardy County. Not only that, but a team that was the favorite to win the championship.

Back then it was Moorefield, and they, in fact, won the championship that year, blowing out the Wildcats 39-6 to move on to the title game.

This time around it is East Hardy that is the favorite. The Cougars have remained undefeated all year, most recently defeating Williamstown 20-14 to move on to the semifinal game against Pendleton County.

Will history repeat itself? Pendleton County has a lot going for it. It’s the only team to defeat East Hardy in regular season play the last two years. Also, the Wildcats are red hot right now, being the only team in all of Class A to pull off upsets in the playoffs so far this year. That’s nothing for the Cougars to purr at when going into next week’s game.

It will at least be a shorter drive to Baker than to Fort Gay.

Also worth mentioning that the M&W playoff streak has ended, with Williamstown losing to East Hardy and Wheeling Central falling to Fayetteville. Though it is notable that Fayetteville was the last school to win the championship before the streak began.

Wildcats to Play Cameron in 1st Round of Football State Playoffs

The 9-2 Wildcats will take another crack at the State Football Playoffs, facing off against the Cameron Dragons, who went undefeated in the regular season. The teams will play at Cameron High School in Marshall County next Saturday, Nov. 12, at 1:30 p.m.

It will be a rough road for the Wildcats, but history makes a case for them.

The last time Pendleton County played at Cameron in the playoffs was the 1999, the first year of PCHS’ existence. They beat the higher-ranked team that year and moved on to the semifinal round, losing to Moorefield – who was in the fourth year  of the dynastic run of championship titles.

As previously mentioned, Moorefield is not in the playoffs this year, further cemented by an embarrassing 55-0 loss to 2-8 Magnolia.

However, on the other side of Hardy County, the 10-0 East Hardy enters the playoffs as the top seed. Last year, the Cougars went on to the championship game, but were trounced by Magnolia, who obviously is not in the playoffs this year.

If the Wildcats can hang on until the semifinal round to face the Cougars, it’s important to note that Pendleton County is the only team to have beaten them in the regular season in the past two years. Here’s hoping.

Best of luck, Wildcats.

Download the 2016 Division A Bracket

Fun fact: Since 1996, no team has won the Class A Football Championship whose name hasn’t started with an M or a W. That should change this year. With only mediocre Wheeling Central and Williamstown teams representing that streak this year, it seems likely that statistic will fall.

(If you don’t count schools that no longer exist, Fayetteville (in 1992) is the only non M or W team to win the championship since 1970, when Paden City took the title).

Wildcats Make a Ghost of Moorefield’s Playoff Hopes

It’s always satisfying for the Wildcats to defeat Moorefield.

More satisfying is it to defeat Moorefield in Franklin.

Even more so when that defeat effectively bars Moorefield from making the playoffs, while almost securing a place for the Wildcats.

The Wildcats got off to an early start and never turned back, leading Moorefield 36-8 at halftime of the Halloween Bowl. The final score of the first half was a safety on the Yellow Jackets, that Pendleton County forced by blocking a punt.

A similar situation took place in the middle of the third quarter. The Wildcats block a Moorefield punt, which lead to a Pendleton County touchdown on the next play, moving the score to 42-8.

The Wildcats kept the momentum going and finished out the game 56-22.

With the loss, Moorefield drops to 4-5 on the season, while the Wildcats improve to 7-2.

Pendleton County will close out the regular season next week against 1-8 Tygarts Valley. A win there would all but guarantee the Wildcats a playoff spot in two weeks.

Pendleton County’s Football Schedule for 2016
Week 1: Notre Dame (H) (W 48-20)
Week 2: Petersburg (A) (L 30-32)
Week 3: Pocahontas (H) (W 34-12)
Week 4: Bath Co. (Va.) (A) (W 40-12)
Week 5: Meadow Bridge (A) (W 54-18)
Week 6: East Hardy (A) (L 16-40)
Week 7: Open
Week 8: Southern Garrett (Md.) (H) (W 40-16)
Week 9: Tucker County (H) (W 26-6)
Week 10: Moorefield (H) (W 56-22)
Week 11: Tygarts Valley (A)

Wildcats Get Homecoming Victory

It was a damp night for football, but it didn’t deter the feline-themed teams from coming out to fight.

The Pendleton County Wildcats dominated from beginning to end, and ended up defeating the Tucker County Mountain Lions 26-6 on Homecoming night.

The Wildcats improve to 6-2 with two weeks to go in the regular season. Pendleton County will play old rival Moorefield, next weekend.

The Yellow Jackets have been struggling as of late, losing in a close game to Petersburg 37-33 this week, an embarrassing 63-6 loss to Hardy County counterpart East Hardy, and a 46-0 loss to Northern Garrett (Md.).

Both Pendleton County and Moorefield are fighting for a slot in the state playoffs, though Pendleton is now in much better position to qualify. The Wildcats currently sit at #14 in the WVSSAC standings. Moorefield sits at #15, and will likely drop off the top 16 after this weekend’s loss (only the top 16 qualify for a playoff spot).

Pendleton County’s Football Schedule for 2016
Week 1: Notre Dame (H) (W 48-20)
Week 2: Petersburg (A) (L 30-32)
Week 3: Pocahontas (H) (W 34-12)
Week 4: Bath Co. (Va.) (A) (W 40-12)
Week 5: Meadow Bridge (A) (W 54-18)
Week 6: East Hardy (A) (L 16-40)
Week 7: Open
Week 8: Southern Garrett (Md.) (H) (W 40-16)
Week 9: Tucker County (H) (W 26-6)
Week 10: Moorefield (H)
Week 11: Tygarts Valley (A)

Wildcats Bring Down Warriors

In Week 3 of High School Football, the Wildcats improve to 2-1 after beating Pocahontas County at home 34-12. Pendleton County will play at Bath County, Va. next Friday.

Pendleton County’s Football Schedule for 2016
Week 1: Notre Dame (H) (W 48-20)
Week 2: Petersburg (A) (L 30-32)
Week 3: Pocahontas (H) (W 34-12)
Week 4: Bath Co. (Va.) (A)
Week 5: Meadow Bridge (A)
Week 6: East Hardy (A)
Week 7: Open
Week 8: Southern Garrett (Md.) (H)
Week 9: Tucker County (H)
Week 10: Moorefield (H)
Week 11: Tygarts Valley (A)

The Browns Are Pendleton County’s Youth Football Team

Photos and information courtesy of Michelle Kuykendall

Browns Roster consists of, #1 Justus Kuykendall, #3 Jagger Willis, #4 Xavier Ellis, #9 Austin Casarrubias, #10 Dusty Smith, #12 Bradey Bowers, #30 Mikhi Kuykendall, #32 Grant Arbaugh, #50 Seth Peacemaker, #54 Landon Colaw, #55 Camden Miller, #70 Dillon Smith, #75 Blake Harris, #80 Jay Bowers and #88 Zykijah Wright

For over nine years the Browns have been Pendleton County’s local youth football team. The team consist of 4th through 6th grade players from all elementary schools within Pendleton County.

The program is designed to teach young players the game of football, and all that it encompasses. The youth learn rules, techniques and positions, as well as virtues like teamwork, self-worth, determination, work ethic and the reward for hard work. The program does its best to prepare players to move up into the junior high level, by teaching the fundamentals of football, and beyond when possible.

Coaches are mostly consist of parents or family of the players who want to see their children succeed and enjoy a long loved sport.

For the past two years the team has been headed up by Michelle Kuykendall.

“Despite not having a lick of coaching experience, I knew my son Justus wanted to play badly,” Kuykendall said. “He has watched two of his older brothers and two of his cousins play for the Browns.  When I was told last year that the county would not have a team due to not having a coach, I was not going to let my son and many other young boys that I watched grow over the past years miss out and not be able to play.”

“I did what I imagine any Mom would do.  I jumped in feet first and thought well “They may not have a winning season but at least they will have a season.”

“People talked about how the team would never make it,” Kuykendall continued, reflecting on the past season. “‘ They did not have a chance to finish preseason much less survive a whole season.’  We had a total of 12 players to finish out our season but those boys stepped onto the field everyday, and every game with a purpose – to show people that anything can be done.  They improved greatly throughout the season and made all of us parents and coaches proud.”

Heading into this year’s season, the Browns look to have a promising year ahead of them.  The team, now 15 players strong, won their opening season game this year over the Moorefield Steelers 30-6. In that game Austin Casarrubias scored four touchdowns with Camden Miller reaching the endzone once. Mikhi Kuykendall also had two sacks against Moorefield.

“They have a long season ahead but for sure have not even started to show what they are truly capable of and this coach cannot wait to see what is in store,” Kuykendall concluded.

Roster listed above. Coaches are Michelle and Danny Kuykendall; Assistant Coaches are Marvin Smith, Jason Bowers and TJ Mitchell; Water Boys and Girls are Javin and Jemma Willis and Team Secretary is Tammy Smith.

2016 South Branch Youth Football Schedule
Saturday, Sept. 10 at MOOREFIELD
Colts vs Dolphins
Wildcats vs Steelers
Browns – bye

 Sunday, Sept. 18 at PENDLETON
Dolphins vs Steelers
Colts vs Browns
Wildcats – bye

Sunday, Sept. 25 at PETERSBURG
Wildcats vs Browns
Steelers vs Colts
Dolphins – bye

Sunday, Oct. 2 at EAST HARDY
Browns vs Steelers
Dolphins vs Wildcats
Colts – bye

Sunday, Oct. 9 at EAST HARDY
Dolphins vs Browns
Colts vs Wildcats
Steelers – bye
Since the schedule’s release the game time have changed slightly.
Once Saturdays the game times are now 2:30 and 4:00 P.M.

Wildcats Win Season Opener

Notre Dame was held scoreless in the first half of Pendleton County’s home opener, which kicked off the 2016 High School Football Season.

The Wildcats went on to win by a score of 48-20, keeping the Irish of Notre Dame out of the end zone until late in the third quarter.

The Wildcats, who start the season on the right note, will move on to Petersburg next Friday. They will face a deflated Vikings team that saw themselves lose badly in Week 1 to Keyser, by a score of 67-15.


Kole Puffenberger makes a good return on kickoff from Notre Dame

Pendleton County’s Football Schedule for 2016
Week 1: Notre Dame (W 48-20)
Week 2: PetersburgWeek 3: Pocahontas
Week 4: Bath Co. (Va.)
Week 5: Meadow Bridge
Week 6: East Hardy
Week 7: Open
Week 8: Southern Garrett (Md.)
Week 9: Tucker County
Week 10: Moorefield
Week 11: Tygarts Valley

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