No Doorbusters. No long lines wrapping around the building. No irate consumers looking for the cheapest bang for their buck. This is what you can get from Black Friday shopping, and sometimes just general shopping around the holidays.

Meanwhile, you get none of that from shopping local. In fact, you may get a little more out of the bargain – from great customer service to the knowledge that your purchase is making an investment in the community. Local purchases will continue to sustain and grow the local storefronts that we still have, and could even encourage other entrepreneurs to take a serious look at setting up shop in the community. Its a win-win for us all.

Obviously, there’s a lot of things you can’t get in Pendleton County. Most electronic devices outside of appliances are nowhere to be found, which is the bulk of what the hot gifts are these days. That said, there are a multitude of great gift ideas still available right here in Pendleton County.

What we want to do is compile a list of all the great Christmas shopping ideas that are available in the county. From the storefronts to the sales consultants, we want to know them all so you can know them all too.

To get on this list, or to add someone you know, email us at We hope to begin compiling this list next week.