Photo Recap: Treasure Mountain Festival 2016

The 48th Treasure Mountain Festival brought out the crowds over the weekend. With a multitude of contests, musical acts and food – there was something for everyone. The Saturday parade was, as always, the centerpiece of the festival, lining Main Street from top to bottom with festival-goers.


24 No More – County’s Last 24-Hour Store Undergoing Changes


Where We are with Sugar Grove a Year Later


  1. Sharon Scott

    Great photos, but I clicked on a few of them and got the message that the page didn’t exit.

  2. Janet Burgoyne

    Nice job Mike! 🙂

  3. John Depue

    Was walking through the craft building and saw a picture of my father on the wall saying if you know who these people are please leave a note explaining. He was riding in a mustang that said Grand Marshall 1991, didn’t know who he was? He was the 1st president of the festival, along with many others, started it in 69-70,how soon they were forgotten. How about reconciling the ones who got us to this point, before their all forgotten ! He , the man riding in the mustang in the parade, was Mr Glen Harold DePue Sr., my father .

  4. Linda H. Long

    Great recap, Mike ! Makes one feel as though she were there in person!

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