Photos and information courtesy of Michelle Kuykendall

Browns Roster consists of, #1 Justus Kuykendall, #3 Jagger Willis, #4 Xavier Ellis, #9 Austin Casarrubias, #10 Dusty Smith, #12 Bradey Bowers, #30 Mikhi Kuykendall, #32 Grant Arbaugh, #50 Seth Peacemaker, #54 Landon Colaw, #55 Camden Miller, #70 Dillon Smith, #75 Blake Harris, #80 Jay Bowers and #88 Zykijah Wright

For over nine years the Browns have been Pendleton County’s local youth football team. The team consist of 4th through 6th grade players from all elementary schools within Pendleton County.

The program is designed to teach young players the game of football, and all that it encompasses. The youth learn rules, techniques and positions, as well as virtues like teamwork, self-worth, determination, work ethic and the reward for hard work. The program does its best to prepare players to move up into the junior high level, by teaching the fundamentals of football, and beyond when possible.

Coaches are mostly consist of parents or family of the players who want to see their children succeed and enjoy a long loved sport.

For the past two years the team has been headed up by Michelle Kuykendall.

“Despite not having a lick of coaching experience, I knew my son Justus wanted to play badly,” Kuykendall said. “He has watched two of his older brothers and two of his cousins play for the Browns.  When I was told last year that the county would not have a team due to not having a coach, I was not going to let my son and many other young boys that I watched grow over the past years miss out and not be able to play.”

“I did what I imagine any Mom would do.  I jumped in feet first and thought well “They may not have a winning season but at least they will have a season.”

“People talked about how the team would never make it,” Kuykendall continued, reflecting on the past season. “‘ They did not have a chance to finish preseason much less survive a whole season.’  We had a total of 12 players to finish out our season but those boys stepped onto the field everyday, and every game with a purpose – to show people that anything can be done.  They improved greatly throughout the season and made all of us parents and coaches proud.”

Heading into this year’s season, the Browns look to have a promising year ahead of them.  The team, now 15 players strong, won their opening season game this year over the Moorefield Steelers 30-6. In that game Austin Casarrubias scored four touchdowns with Camden Miller reaching the endzone once. Mikhi Kuykendall also had two sacks against Moorefield.

“They have a long season ahead but for sure have not even started to show what they are truly capable of and this coach cannot wait to see what is in store,” Kuykendall concluded.

Roster listed above. Coaches are Michelle and Danny Kuykendall; Assistant Coaches are Marvin Smith, Jason Bowers and TJ Mitchell; Water Boys and Girls are Javin and Jemma Willis and Team Secretary is Tammy Smith.

2016 South Branch Youth Football Schedule
Saturday, Sept. 10 at MOOREFIELD
Colts vs Dolphins
Wildcats vs Steelers
Browns – bye

 Sunday, Sept. 18 at PENDLETON
Dolphins vs Steelers
Colts vs Browns
Wildcats – bye

Sunday, Sept. 25 at PETERSBURG
Wildcats vs Browns
Steelers vs Colts
Dolphins – bye

Sunday, Oct. 2 at EAST HARDY
Browns vs Steelers
Dolphins vs Wildcats
Colts – bye

Sunday, Oct. 9 at EAST HARDY
Dolphins vs Browns
Colts vs Wildcats
Steelers – bye
Since the schedule’s release the game time have changed slightly.
Once Saturdays the game times are now 2:30 and 4:00 P.M.